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Industrial plant of filtering equipment and filter elements


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Filters and filtering elements for agricultural machinery by John Deere, Claas, Case, New Holland, Fendt, Deutz, Lamborghini, Massey Ferguson, Gomselmash, Rostselmash, Minsk Tractor Plant (MTP), haul trucks, road and special equipment by Сaterpillar, Volvo, Alpfa, Hyundai, Speco, Ausa, BOBCAT, etc.



Selton LLC is a Ukrainian manufacturer of filters and filtering elements for a broad range of applications, including agricultural and special-purpose vehicles and machinery. Our filtering product portfolio comprises the following:



 Air filters are used for all types of engines. Their main function is to remove fine dirt particles (dust) contained in the air and toxic gaseous contaminants and abrasive particulates from the engine air, thus creating optimal operating conditions for the engine.




This group of filters is designed to clean air in vehicle cabs and passenger compartments. Panel air filters, which form a pocket for removal and retention of dust and impurities from the air passing through the filter, represent a more cost effective and serviceable air cleaning solution.



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Oil filters are designed to remove solid particulates, which may be formed as a result of frictional contact between the wearing surfaces or due to ingress of solid combustion products from the engine oil. Oil filters are generally of unsplit design, with metal housing and built-in filtering element and safety valves.




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Fuel filters are used for filtration of fuel and screening out solids, dirt and rust particles coming from metal storage and transportation tanks.





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Hydraulic filters are designed to protect hydraulic equipment against metal particles formed as a result of friction between the wearing parts and to reduce the wear of the mechanisms. A hydraulic system is exposed to severe contamination associated with oil degradation and mechanical wear of contacting elements, and the filter is used to remove these contaminants from the system.




IMG 8492.psdWe are pleased to offer our engineering services for the development of complete air cleaning units (housing + filtering elements). The scope of delivery includes:

- air cleaner housing;

- coarse and fine filters;

- clamps;

- connecting pipes;

- indicators;

- adapters for indicators.

 We invite interested design engineering organizations to establish cooperation and are waiting for your specifications.


Our filters and filtering elements for agricultural equipment and special-purpose vehicles and machinery can be used for:

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