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Industrial plant of filtering equipment and filter elements

IMG 8166 New workshop of the plant

New workshop of the plant 


Selton is a modern Ukrainian manufacturer of filtering elements and filtering units for cleaning of air, natural and liquefied gas, light petroleum products, oils, process fluids, water and other media.

Unique range of equipment and constant extension of the assortment of filtering materials by the latest developments from the world’s leading producers allow to update our product range and to address new markets.

Filtering elements are produced in accordance with Technical specification, undergo thorough quality control with respect to air tightness, filtering degree, efficiency, etc. and are delivered with release certificates.

The products are designed and manufactured based on Customer's specifications. We can also deliver analogues for replacement of imported filtering elements.

The company has successfully passed ISO 9001:2008 certification supervised by German TUV Rheinland InterCert.