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Industrial plant of filtering equipment and filter elements

Фильтры Hepa

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters of E10, E11, E12, H13, H14 classes.

Application of HEPA/ULPA filters

The filters are used for final air filtration to remove suspended particles such as viruses, pathogenic germs, toxic dusts, sprays, etc., in clean room areas where a low level of environmental pollutants is required.
Depth: 69 (78), 109, 150, 292 mm.
Housing: anodized aluminium profile, stainless steel, galvanized steel, MDF, black plastic frame (for compact models).
Filtering material: water-repellent and moisture-resistant fibreglass by H&V (Germany), Alhstrom (Finland).

Sealant: polyurethane.

Seal: rubber.

Protective screen: on request

Operating temperature: up to 65 °С


Examples of НЕРА/ULPA filters


Фильтр Хепа 100 Фильтр Хепа 101