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Industrial plant of filtering equipment and filter elements

фильтр ГПА

Selton manufactures a range of filtering elements (FE) for purification of fuel, startup, pulse and process gas from mechanical impurities and condensed moisture.

FE are used in fuel and startup gas conditioning packages (FGCP, SGCP), stationary gas turbine plants (GTP), gas pumping units (GPU), pulsed gas conditioning packages (PGCP), main (MCS) and intermediate compressor stations (ICS), gas booster stations (GBS), as well as at underground gas storage facilities (UGSF).

Depending on required gas purification or drying application, filtering portion of the element is produced as a depth filter (with core filtration area) based on polypropylene or corrugated (with enlarged filtering area) glass fibre materials. Filtering elements are used as dust collectors, mist eliminators, adsorbers, as well as coagulators (coalescers) for dehumidification and removal of moisture.


Dust collectors



Gas dust collectors are used to trap solids at gas turbine plants (GTP), gas pumping units (GPU), gas turbine power plants (GTPP) and thermal power plants (TPP).

The unique structural feature of polypropylene (PP) dust collectors is that their fibre density increases from the outer to inner element surface or contrariwise in case of the reversed gas flow. This ensures uniform distribution of coarse and fine dust particles within the filtering bed thus increasing its service life.

Effective gas treatment can also be achieved through the use of pleated filtering elements based on borosilicate fibreglass, cellulose, polyester or stainless steel meshing.

The main dust collector functions are:

- Maximum efficient entrapment of mechanical impurities upstream of a gas separation unit to extend the service life of coalescers.

- Protection of process equipment (burners, fuel systems, combustion chambers, turbine vanes) against possible ingress of dust particles.






Coalescer filtering elements (coagulators) are designed to remove mechanical impurities and provide highly efficient separation of coalesced moisture out of gas flows thus reducing carry-over of the dispersed liquid phase (absorbent in absorbing apparatuses).

It is recommended to install prefiltering elements (dust collectors) upstream of the coalescers for removal of entrained coarse solid particles to protect filtering layer of the coalescer against early calmatation and ensure its long life and high performance.

Coalescers are designed to perform several successive functions:

- Separation of solids from the flow.



- Coagulation of fine droplets to form larger droplets due to special filtering fibres properties.

- Separation of the liquid phase from the main flow.

Gas separation is an indispensable preparation stage for crude gas, its transportation and storage in underground gas storage facilities (UGSF).Developed design versions of elements vary in dimensions and filtering media used.