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Industrial plant of filtering equipment and filter elements

Filtering elements for gas distribution plants and stations are used in apparatus for purification of natural gas and air from mechanical impurities. The below filtering elements utilize polymeric fibre produced by extrusion of low-density polyethylene (LDPE).

0.8 mm thick reinforcing frame and protective screen are made from 12Х18Н10Т stainless steel. End seal elements are of standard design with packer assembly produced from 7В14 oil-and-petrol resistant rubber compound. Flow directions: from outside, from inside.

The element is regenerated by hot water counterflow, preferably with addition of detergent agents.


фильтроэлементы для ГРП

Flat and tubular filtering elements


* Operating medium — natural gas according to GOST 5542-87. Operating pressure — 1.2 MPa. Operating temperature range — from -40 to +50 °С. Permissible pressure drop at the cartridge —10,000 Pa. Filtration fineness — 5-100 μm.
Filtration efficiency — 99.8 %.