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Industrial plant of filtering equipment and filter elements


Selton produces tubular, cone-shaped, compact, pocket and panel filtering elements to be used in inlet air filtration systems installed upstream of gas turbines and gas compressors.

Here the primary objective in the design and manufacturing of the filtering elements is not just to remove contaminants of certain size with a given efficiency, but to minimize ingress of solids into the turbine wheelspace in order to avoid degradation of gas turbines performance and loss in equipment reliability.

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Depending on climatic conditions, particulate matter concentrations in the atmosphere, geographic location, and special features of inlet air filtration systems, both existing/designed and the ones being developed, the filtering elements are classified into two filtering stages.

Filters of the first preliminary air cleaning stage have to build up maximum effective barrier against ingress of coarse and fine dust particles to the second fine filtration stage, thereby prolonging service life of the latter. G2-G4, M5, M6, F7-F9 filter classes.

In turn, filters of the second fine filtration stage remove possible residual impurities in the form of fine dust particles from the cycle air, thus preventing their ingress to the turbine wheelspace. F7-F9, E10-E12 filter classes.

Evaluation of filter classes for both filtration stages is always performed on a case-by-case basis by taking into account specific operating conditions. Test report, taking into account weather conditions and analysis of the pollutants concentrations over a given observation period, can serve as a basis for the selection of the most appropriate combination.