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Industrial plant of filtering equipment and filter elements

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The company produces a broad range of filtering elements for light petroleum products and liquefied gas for both domestic and foreign petrol and NGV filling stations. The use of filling and filtration media of European origin makes a significant contribution to assurance of high product quality.

The products can be designed and manufactured based on Customer’s specifications or for replacement of existing commercially available filtering elements.

At the moment we deliver filtering elements for the following fuel filling equipment available on the market: Galileo, Slavutich (Славутич), Tokheim (Schlumberger), Schwelm, Tankanlagen Salzkotten, Meksan, Nuovo Pignone, ZAP, EnE, Scheidt & Bachmann, Gespasa, Adast, Aspro, Nara, PIUSI, Gora, Topaz, Tatsuno Rus, Livenka (Ливенка), etc.

The main functions of filtering elements for petrol and NGV filling stations are:

- Mechanical removal of solids, aerosol mist and condensed moisture, paraffin and oily compounds and other contaminants from light petroleum products and fuel gas;

- Extension of petrol and NGV filling stations equipment service life, as well as extension of service life of motor vehicle engines and fuel systems.