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Industrial plant of filtering equipment and filter elements


Selton produces carbon filters of different versions and designs. On Customer’s request our experts will select appropriate carbon materials depending on contaminant type, operating conditions etc.

Intended use

Carbon (sorption) filters are designed for purification of incoming, exhaust and recirculation air from gaseous contaminants as well as for odour removal in ventilation and air conditioning systems for different kinds of premises (administrative, welfare, medical, catering, etc.).
Carbon filters ensure effective solution for applications related to purification of exhaust air.
Carbon filters are classified as fine filters and are delivered in compact and cartridge versions.

Application area of carbon filters

Carbon filters are widely used in the following areas:

— Various branches of industry (pharmaceutical, food-processing, machine building and metalworking, light industry etc.);

— Catering facilities (restaurants, cafes, dining places, etc.);

— Buildings of different purposes (residential and administrative buildings, office and business-centres, warehouse terminals, airports, parking spaces and garages, shopping centres, industrial premises etc.);
— Power engineering, gas and oil processing industry (in gas turbine engines, compressor plants, etc.);
— Air treatment systems for paint-spraying and drying booths, varnish-and-paint processing lines and other industrial processes wherever it may be necessary;
— Improvement of the inlet air quality in premium comfort premises;
— Museums, libraries, stack rooms, etc.