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Industrial plant of filtering equipment and filter elements

компактные фильтры

Selton was the first national filtration equipment manufacturer to start production of F5-F9 (EU5-EU9) class compact filters as well as sorption compact filters.


Compact filters are intended for air purification in draw-in ventilation, conditioning and industrial air preparation systems, including air filtering and conditioning systems at gas compressor stations and sections upstream of gas turbine plants. Compact sorption filters are used to uptake various chemicals from air as well as for odour removal.

Compact filters are fine filters (F5-F9 (EU5-EU9) classes) that feature compact design made up of a plastic frame and pleated filtering material. Larger working surface as compared to conventional pocket filters and the use of more efficient materials with lower airflow resistance considerably prolong the filter service life. Corrugation of filtering materials is performed using a new pleater manufactured by JCEM GmbH (Switzerland) installed at our factory.

Our company produces filters of the following standard sizes:
- 592х592х292 (450) (mm);
- 490х592х292 (450) (mm);
- 287х592х292 (450) (mm).

Application area of compact filters:

- Various branches of industry (pharmaceutical, food-processing, machine building, metalworking, instrument engineering, light industry etc.);

- Power engineering, gas and oil processing industry (in gas-turbine engines, compressor plants, etc.);
- Air treatment systems for paint-spraying and drying booths, varnish-and-paint processing lines and other industrial processes wherever it may be necessary;

- Buildings of different purposes (office and business-centres, residential and administrative buildings, warehouse terminals, airports, shopping and recreation centres, industrial premises etc.);
- Catering facilities (restaurants, cafes, dining places, etc.);

- etc.