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Industrial plant of filtering equipment and filter elements


Selton manufactures panel (framed) filters, with filter class selected according to Сustomer’s requirements specified in the Requirements specification.

Filtering cloth and materials are purchased from European producers who guarantee filtration degree, high material quality and conformance to provisions of EN 779.

Application area of panel filters

Modern equipment and qualified staff allow producing panel filtering elements for a wide range of applications:

- Various branches of industry (pharmaceutical, food-processing, machine building and metalworking, light industry etc.);

- Catering facilities (restaurants, cafes, dining places, etc.);

- Buildings of different purposes (administrative, office and business-centres, warehouse terminals, airports, shopping and recreation centres, industrial premises etc.);
- Power engineering, gas and oil processing industry (in gas-turbine engines, compressor plants, etc.);
- Air treatment systems for paint-spraying and drying booths, varnish-and-paint processing lines and other industrial processes wherever it may be necessary;

- etc.

Depending on filtering medium and application area, panel filters are produced in renewable and non-renewable versions.

Specifications for each filter class according to EN 779 are listed in the table below:


Classification of air filters
Group Class Recommended final pressure drop (Pa) Average holding capacity (Am)
of synthetic dust
Average efficiency (Em) 
of particles holding  0.4 мкм 
Min efficiency (0.4 μm particles
Primary filtration G1 250 50≤Am<65 - -
G2 250 65≤Am<65 - -
G3 250 80≤Am<65 - -
G4 250 90≤Am<65 - -
Medium M5 450 - 40≤Em<60 -
M6 450 - 60≤Em<80 -
Fine filtration F7 450 - 80≤Em<90 35
F8 450 - 90≤Em<95 55
F9 450 - 95≤Em 70



Different filtering materials and their combinations may be used as a filtering medium (to form filtering packs providing required filter parameters: strength and flow properties, minimum and maximum operating temperatures, specified pressure drops etc.):
- sets of filtering screens (aluminium, stainless steel, galvanized, ferrous, polymeric etc.);
- cellulose;
- micro fibreglass;
- needle-punched fabrics;
- melt blown webs;
- Dust Stop, Hydro Stop and Paint Stop fibreglass;
- etc.