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Industrial plant of filtering equipment and filter elements

фильтры для очистки воздуха

Selton manufactures industrial air filters.

Filter design along with the use of advanced filtering materials ensure required air purity while maintaining optimum operating parameters.

The filters manufactured by our company are divided into the following groups:

Filters for ventilation systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of European standards EN 779 and EN 1822:

- Coarse filters (G2-G4 (EU2-EU4) filter classes);
- Fine filters (M5-F9 (EU5-EU9) filter classes);
- HEPA and ULPA ultra-fine filters (E10-H14 and U15-U17 filter classes).

National standard ДСТУ 4319:2004 "PARTICULATE AIR FILTERS FOR GENERAL VENTILATION — DETERMINATION OF THE FILTRATION PERFORMANCE (EN 779:2002, MOD)" is used as a basis for classification of filters by degree and fineness of treatment.

 Production of industrial air filters


Compact filters Panel filters
Carbon filters Bag filters
for vacuum pumps
Compressed air preparation
Solar tubular filters