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Industrial plant of filtering equipment and filter elements

фильтровальные боксы

A filter box is an element of a ventilation system, which function is to clean up the exhaust, supply and recirculation air in exhaust and draw-in ventilation systems for different types of premises. Filter boxes are convenient and easy to use and maintain. Filter boxes are generally produced of galvanized steel; however other materials can be used depending on conditions in mounting location or on Customer's request. A filter box accepts one special-purpose filtering element or several stages with different filtering degrees. Filter class of this filtering element (cartridge) is selected depending on the media to be filtered, nature of contamination observed at the facility and projected air purity at the filter outlet; the filter class is specified by the Customer or recommended by the manufacturer based on the Customer’s Requirement specification. A filter box is connected with other ventilation system components with the help of built-in circular junctions, which number and dimensions are determined to fit specific design of the ventilation system. The boxes are designed both for horizontal and vertical arrangement of the filtering elements. The design also ensures access for replacement of spent filtering elements with new ones.